Tree Care Experts

Tree Pruning - We trim trees the old fashioned way. Climbing IN the tree with ropes allows us precise control over tree pruning while minimizing unintended damage to healthy branches. No heavy equipment means no tire tracks on your lawn or bucket lifts breaking healthy growth.

Tree Removal - Sometimes we must cut a tree down because it is dead, sick, unsafe, or interfering with property use. Tree climbing allows us to take extra precautions. We do not "cut and drop," but rather lower large limbs to the ground slowly and in control with a ground crew to support our climbers.

Sustainable Tree Care - We win customers' trust by looking out for the long-term health of your trees over short-term profits. We always discuss your options, making suggestions to help your trees thrive for decades to come.

Tree Planting & Consulting - We know how to start trees off right and can help you consider relevant aesthetic and practical factors toward choosing the right species for your Madison area property.