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Evergreen Trees

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Our evergreen trees are only available as “balled and burlapped” plantings, which is why they cost more than many other shade and ornamental trees. Read more about planting methods and associated costs here.

Black Hills Spruce | $540 | 6’ tall
Picea glauca 'Densata'
As the name implies, this spruce is native to the Black Hills of South Dakota. It is a variety of white spruce, distinctive for its compact form. This makes it an excellent candidate for a screen, since it retains dense branching for its entire life. A slow-growing spruce, it can eventually reach 50 to 60 feet.  We have selected this spruce because it does not succumb to rhizosphaera needle cast, like the beloved Colorado blue and green spruce everyone likes to plant. Learn More

Canadian hemlock | $700 | 8’-10’ tall
Tsuga canadensis
Although native to the Midwest, hemlocks are rare in Madison, despite their elegant form and excellent screening. These trees grow slowly but reach heights between 40 and 75 feet. Best grown in part shade sheltered from drying winds and hot afternoon sun, Canadian hemlocks tolerate heavy shade and black walnut toxicity. Hemlocks do not tolerate drought and should be mulched well and watered during dry spells. This is one of the prettiest evergreens you can plant, and unlike many other conifers, it will thrive in shady conditions. This hemlock looks like a wooly mammoth crossed with a Christmas tree. What’s not to like? Learn More

White Cedar (American arborvitae) | $650 | 8’-10’ tall
Thuja occidentalis
Arborvitae are found as grand ancient trees in the Northwoods, and they’re exceptionally popular as hedges here in Madison. They tolerate part shade, producing lacey foliage that provides excellent screening. Learn More

White Pine | $450 | 6’ tall | | $415 | 5’ tall |
Pinus strobus
This native conifer has long needles, open branching, and an elegant straight trunk. White pines are long lived, with some measured as 500 years old in Wisconsin’s Northwoods. This is a tall tree, typically reaching 80 feet, but often taller—up to 100 feet in the Madison area. We’d recommend planting them a good distance from your house, because they will get very tall very fast, so they can be imposing when right next to your home. They cast great shade and their needles create a soft, fragrant mulch, so plant two and hang your hammock between them. Learn More