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Ornamental Trees

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Add visual interest and character to your landscape with one or more ornamental tree species. See below for species descriptions.

Warranties are included for all tree plantings. We also have fruit trees, shade trees, and watering tools.

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Tree Types

Most trees we plant are bare root. Bare root plantings are a great value because bare root trees have a more intact or larger root system, as the digging process in the nursery allows for more of the roots to stay intact.

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry | $420 | 1.5” diameter
Amelanchier × grandiflora 
Serviceberry is Brent’s favorite tree, and if you plant it, you’ll understand why! This is a hybrid of two native species of serviceberry, and as the name suggests, it provides lovely orange fall color. It produces sweet edible fruit, which will draw birds to your yard from across the neighborhood, and you may even find Brent in your yard nibbling on your new tree’s berries. These work great as a focal point, especially when they’re showing off their unusually large white flowers in early spring. They also make a wonderful hedge or naturalistic planting. This variety has excellent disease resistance. Grows 15 feet to 25 feet tall. Learn More

Firebird crabapple | $252 | 10 gallon pot
Malus sargentii 'Select A'
Firebird is the perfect crabapple for tiny spaces, reaching a maximum height of 7-10 feet. This small stature tree produces 
unusually firm and colorful fruit, which stay vibrant on the tree late into winter. In April, it produces abundant white 
flowers. Excellent disease resistance. Learn More

Musclewood | $450 | 1.5” diameter
Carpinus caroliniana
Also known as musclewood for the smooth, sinewy appearance of its trunk, this native Midwestern understory tree is quite small and slow-growing, reaching 20-30 feet when mature. These trees take well to shaping, and we have seen them pruned into perfect rectangles. Though you could sheer them to any geometric shape you like. More commonly, they are left alone, and we like their natural rounded shape.  Produces interesting reddish-purple foliage in the spring, which turns green in summer, and orange-red in fall. American hornbeam holds onto its leaves into the winter. Because of its small size, it can be planted close to structures, and its interesting muscly bark provides interest all year. Works well in both part and full shade. Learn More

Pagoda Dogwood | $510 | 6’ - 7’ tall
Cornus alternifolia
A native midwestern understory tree, the pagoda dogwood has a distinctive tiered branching structure and produces fragrant flowers in the spring. It only reaches 15 to 25 feet, making it great for small spaces. Pagoda dogwoods do best in part shade and will tolerate black walnut toxicity. Learn More

Redbud | $570 | 6’ tall
Cercis canadensis
Native to the Midwest, redbuds produce striking pink flowers along bare stems before leafing, feeding butterflies and honeybees in early spring. In fact, you can eat the flowers too. They make an excellent addition to salads, or you could use them to garnish your crème brûlée, your avocado toast, or even your poké. These trees grow very fast, reaching 20-25 feet when mature. Their small size makes them great for courtyards and other small spaces. They tolerate black walnut toxicity and partial shade. Makes a showy addition to woodland gardens. Learn More

Royal Raindrops Crabapple | $450 | 1.75” diameter
Malus 'JFS-KW5'
Despite the truly uninspiring Latin name, we assure you this is a very unique and beautiful tree. Its leaves are deeply lobed and purple, almost like a Japanese maple—if you squint. Profuse red flowers in spring give way to tiny maroon crabapples. This crabapple has the best disease resistance we’ve seen, and it tolerates heat and drought. What’s not to love? Matures at 15 feet to 20 feet with a dense, round canopy. Learn More

Sargent Crabapple | $312 | 5’ tall
Malus sargentii
For those who want an especially compact crabapple, this tree is sure to impress. While it only reaches 6 to 8 feet in height, it likes to spread horizontally—10 feet or more if left unpruned! This is the most disease-resistant white-flowering crabapple we’ve been able to find, and you will love its fragrant show each spring. Attractive fruits persists into winter and are very tasty for birds. Learn More

American Yellowwood | $600 | 1.75” diameter
Cladrastis kentukea
Yellowood is the most beautiful tree you’ve never heard of. In spring, it produces long tendrils of fragrant white flowers. Small in stature, it makes an exceptional specimen tree for smaller spaces. Yellowwood is exceptionally rare in Madison, and in fact, it’s one of the rarest trees in North America. It is only found in the wild in very small patches of the southeastern United States, likely pushed south to isolated refugia during the last ice age. Despite its current range in the southeastern states, it thrives in cold climates, and it is very tolerant of urban conditions. Matures at 30 feet to 50 feet. Learn More

Tree Installation

All tree orders include tree planting, mulch ring installation, and initial watering. We are happy to include a watering bag with your order (add here).

Warranty Included

Heartwood sells only quality plant stock that are free of defects and disease. Transplanted trees and shrubs don’t make it for many reasons. The biggest reason is lack of water; if you can water your tree or shrub it should live. If we plant your tree and it doesn't make it past the first year, we'll return the next spring and plant a new one at no additional cost.