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Add one or more shrub plantings to your property.

We also have fruit trees, shade trees, and watering tools.

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Add Character and Color to Your Property

Shrubs add diversity, color, structure, and year-round interest to your property, complementing your trees and flower plantings. While trees are difficult to manage close to buildings or other structures, shrubs are more manageable and may grow closer to your home or outbuildings.

Shrub Types

All shrubs we plant are either balled-and-burlapped or potted. We have found over the years that these transplanting methods tend to be more successful, and they also are significantly larger and establish nicely.

Black Chokeberry | $288 | 4’ tall
Aronia melanocarpa 'Viking'
This native shrub produces huge clusters of astringent fruits, which have some of the highest measured polyphenol content. For this reason, they are commonly considered a superfood. While most people don’t enjoy these on their own, they make a great addition to smoothies, or can even be made into a pie. They also make an attractive ornamental shrub, and grow 3 to 6 feet. Learn More

Arrowwood Viburnum | $120 | 4’ tall
Viburnum dentatum
This native viburnum provides attractive spring flowers and dense green foliage. Its dark fruit attract animals, and its dense thickets are appealing to nesting birds. It is very durable and thrives in the toughest spots. Leaves turn red in fall. This shrub blends well into the landscape, and it complements showier plants. Grows 8 to 10 feet. Learn More

American Cranberry-bush Viburnum | $120 | 4’ tall
Viburnum opulus var. americanum
This native understory shrub produces big clusters of edible fruit. Although unrelated to the cranberry, these fruits do taste suspiciously similar, and are delicious in pies. Produces clusters of small white flowers in spring, and fruit provide winter interested. Leaves have an interesting maple-leaf shape. Grows 8-12 feet with a rounded form. Great for naturalistic plantings! Learn More

Gray Dogwood | $120 | 5’ tall
Cornus racemosa
This native dogwood attracts 98 bird species with its gray blue berries and nest-worthy branches. Great for naturalistic plantings, it forms thickets growing 10 to 15 feet, which are excellent for screening. This tough shrub tolerates deep shade and other adverse planting conditions. Along with witchhazel, we love this shrub for replanting understories after buckthorn removal. Learn More

Common Witch-hazel | $42 | 2’ tall
Hamamelis virginiana
This native understory shrub is one of our absolute favorites. In October, when the rest of your garden is going dormant for the winter, this witch-hazel puts on a spectacular display of fragrant yellow flowers blooming directly from its branches. In the wild, they are mostly found along river banks, and it thrives in rain gardens. It provides excellent screening and tolerates deep shade, so we use it along with dogwood to replant understories after buckthorn removal. This shrub is a slow grower, but it does mature large at about 15 feet tall and equally wide. Learn More

Plant Installation

All shrub orders include planting, mulch ring installation, and initial watering. We are happy to include a watering bag with your order (add here).

Warranty Not Included

Heartwood does not feel that warranties are not essential to the survival of your shrub.  We sell only quality plant stock that is defect and disease free.  Transplanted trees and shrubs don’t make it for many reasons.  The biggest reason is lack of water; if you can water your tree or shrub it should live. If you do lose a plant from us, please let us know and we will replace the plant for 50% of the sale price.