We ❤ Trees

We love taking care of your trees. The trees in your yard are just one part of a vast canopy spreading over the city of Madison and surrounding communities. By maintaining your piece of the urban forest, you help create a greener, healthier, and more beautiful place for all of us to live.

We are Madison, WI arborists passionate about coming up with the best solutions and ideas to help you maintain the trees in your landscape. Whether you want to plant a new seedling, train a young flowering crabapple, or a provide support to a hundred-year-old white oak, we can help you determine the best approach for helping your landscape flourish.

We’d love to come out to your house or business to meet with you and talk more about your trees. Please schedule a free consultation.  We strive to be the friendliest and most helpful arborists in Madison, Wisconsin!


Heartwood Partners

Mark, Brent and Garrett crossed tree care paths in Madison several times before converging at Heartwood. We love being active contributors to the long-term health and vibrancy of the urban forest. We take pride in doing what is best for the customer and the trees alike. As owners and certified arborists, at least one (but sometimes all three) of us will be either in your trees or on the ground ensuring the work is completed to our high standards. 

 Mark Sundlin, a Madison area arborist and co-owner of Heartwood Tree Co.

Mark Sundlin

Certified Arborist WI 0713A

Mark is a certified Madison arborist with eleven years service in the tree care industry as a lead climber and crew supervisor. He has always had an affinity for trees – from admiring the mature trees in his parents’ backyard to enjoying the shady and leafy streets of Minneapolis and Madison. When not in a tree Mark can be found working in his home garden with his wife, biking around town, on travel adventures near and far, and gazing up at beautiful, mature trees everywhere.


Brent Valentine

Certified Arborist WI 0805A

Brent is a certified Madison arborist with 18 years of experience in the landscaping and tree care industries. Since high school he has pruned everything from small rose bushes to mature oaks. His favorite shrub/small tree is a serviceberry (great berries and fall color) and his favorite tree by far is the American beech. He and his grandfather used to collect and eat beech nuts in-between farm tasks as a child near Green Bay. These strong lifelong connections to the forest continue today in his more urban life, feeding his need to be outside getting dirty.

  Brent Valentine, a Madison arborist and co-owner of Heartwood Tree Company.
 Arborist Garrett Hughes

Arborist Garrett Hughes

Garrett Hughes

Certified Arborist WI-0710A

Garrett is a certified Madison arborist with 13 years of experience within the tree care industry. Born and raised in Madison, he developed his love of the outdoors at a very young age. Whether it is was climbing the old crabapple tree in the backyard, or annual canoe trips to The Boundary Waters, he learned the importance of pursuing deep physical connections to the natural world. The field of arboriculture has allowed him to turn these interests into a career, and he is excited to share his passions and knowledge with customers and coworkers alike. 


Madison Arborist Team

 Arborist Tim Kuhn

Arborist Tim Kuhn

Tim Kuhn

My interest in trees started as a boy because I loved climbing. As I grew up and became an outdoor enthusiast, I jumped at the opportunity to work with one of my best friends, arborist Brent Valentine. After two years now at Heartwood, Brent and Mark have taught me the importance and many benefits of proper tree maintenance.  As a part time stay at home dad, Heartwood has given me the opportunity for interesting work while maintaining my family life.

 Arborist Aaron Suiter

Arborist Aaron Suiter

Aaron Suiter

Certified Arborist WI-1278A

I’ve loved trees since I was a boy, scoping out the best branches to scale in my neighborhood. Climbing those big trees was fun, but the miniature trees on display at the Chicago Botanic Garden fascinated me. At age 12, my mom enrolled me in bonsai classes, where I was conspicuously out of place. From there began my interest in all things horticultural—from rose gardening to vegetable gardening to prairie restoration. After earning a BA in mathematics, I managed my college’s organic farm and then spent a couple years studying pottery In Montana. I’m excited to be part of the Heartwood team, where I’m able to combine my interests in horticulture and design to keep our clients’ trees healthy and beautiful.

 Arborist Phil Jenkins

Arborist Phil Jenkins

Phil Jenkins

Certified Arborist WI-1321A

I grew up in southwest Wisconsin. As a kid, I spent a week each year in Northern Wisconsin or Door County, which sparked a life-long interest in the changing landscapes I saw around the state. After completing military service, I used the GI Bill to earn a Forest Science degree from UW-Madison, but later decided urban forestry or arboriculture would allow me to a more enjoyable hands-on experience with land management. I enjoy the physical and mental challenges each day brings, working with a team to accomplish difficult tasks safely. In my free time I like to spend time with family, friends, and my dog, Inu. 

 Arborist John Joutras

Arborist John Joutras

John Joutras

I was born in Racine, Wisconsin, where my curiosity in the natural world first took root. I spent most of my five-year tenure at that first cul-de-sac catching insects and trolling the gravel streetsides for fool's gold to add to my rock collection. As an adult, I followed that same curiosity through a Forest Science degree at UW-Madison.

When I'm at work with Heartwood, I find satisfaction every day in getting outdoors, working with my hands and with our team. It feels good to care for the trees that define the landscapes and neighborhoods of the place I call home. Outside of work, I get outside as much as possible to climb rock and explore Wisconsin's forests.