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Our Approach

Tree Pruning, Tree Removal, & Tree Care in Madison, Wisconsin

Madison property owners trust Heartwood Tree Company to care for and manage their trees. We are certified arborists, experienced and skilled in tree removal, tree pruning, tree planting, and consulting. We prioritize customer satisfaction, safety, and the use of best field practices to provide excellent tree care at competitive prices. We consciously consider what is best for both the tree and the customer and make our recommendations and decisions based on that balance. Please call (608.443.6037) or email us for a consultation or estimate in the greater Madison, Wisconsin area.

Tree Pruning

We trim trees with a light touch, using traditional tree climbing techniques to prevent damange and prune only what is necessary to acheive project goals. No heavy equipment or tracks all over your yard!

Tree Removal

Sometimes we must remove a tree because it is dead, sick, unsafe, or interfering with a property. We take the tree down one piece at a time, maintaining safety of our client, the property, and our crew.

Tree Planting and Consulting

We know how to start trees off right and can help you consider relevant aesthetic and practical factors towards choosing the right species for your Madison property.

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