Working with the Community to Upcycle Felled Trees

We are always striving to keep as many felled logs in productive use as possible. By "productive use," I mean preventing good wood from becoming firewood or woodchips and instead becoming useful and/or beautiful products that will be treasured for decades or even centuries. Despite our best efforts, we still end up with lots of firewood and woods chips (both free for customers)!

Gene Delcourt with one of his beautiful spruce coffins.

Gene Delcourt with one of his beautiful spruce coffins.


Gene Delcourt of Humble Crossings located on the east side of Madison is the main destination of all of our spruce logs.  Spruce is probably the most common tree removal we do and that means there are a lot of nice logs in need of a good repurposing. Gene happily takes them all and turns them into beautiful 100% wood caskets, just like in the old days.

I’m guessing Gene has picked up or we have delivered at least 30-40 logs this year for his projects. Gene can be contacted directly for inquiries into his creations at (608) 354-6923.


Before we found Gene, our spruce logs were destined for the tub grinder at the Madison city disposal center because few artisans or builders are interested in using spruce wood. Gene loves working with spruce because its readily available and usually involves removing a dying tree. The first question Gene asks is “Was it dead?” This basic question tells me Heartwood and Gene are operating with the same interests at heart.

We will continue striving to salvage as many logs as possible. With people like Gene as partners in this effort, I think we can find good homes for the lumber. If you have a need or desire for whole logs, please contact us to see if we might be a good fit.