Wisconsin Tree Nurseries We Love

Heartwood loves to plant trees, so getting top quality nursery stock is always important.  In a typical year we order shade trees, evergreens, shrubs, and fruit trees from a variety of locations.  We prefer to order from nurseries within Wisconsin, its keep the shipping costs down and the product is usually straight from the field.  Below are the three that we are using this year to make up the spring plant sale offering.

Meacham Nursery in Green Bay has been a favorite since the beginning.  Brent worked at this nursery decades ago and has maintained a strong relationship with Jeff over the years.  Meacham has always grown an excellent tree, with structure and branch spacing second to none.  When you buy a Meacham shade tree the branches are spaced along a tall central leader or trunk, which is crucial for proper long-term development. 

 We buy shade trees, decorative trees, and evergreens from Meacham.  Most of our larger bare root stock comes the 100-acre nursery located in Green Bay. 

Aerial shot of McKay Nursery in Waterloo, WI.

Aerial shot of McKay Nursery in Waterloo, WI.

 Since the beginning of the spring plant sale we have offered fruit trees from McKay Nursery in Waterloo.  They are a pretty big operation, with a cooler about the size of a football field to store bare root stock at approximately 36 degrees F after digging.  We have had excellent transplant success with their fruit trees and shrubs.  We love having a nursery only 45 minutes away because it allows us to grab trees exactly when we are ready for them.

Recently, McKay took over Winterland Nursery at the end of Fish Hatchery Rd near Oregon.  If you want to get an look in-person at a great variety of trees and shrubs, this is a great destination. They also sell their tree stock retail and in the past have loaned out a trailer to transport home some of the bigger trees their customers have purchased.

Winterland Nursery in Oregon, WI from above.

Winterland Nursery in Oregon, WI from above.

Paul’s Turf and Tree in Marshall just east of Madison is our preferred nursery for finding balled and burlap trees during the summer months. Paul’s keeps an extensive selection of trees throughout the growing season above ground for wholesale only. We have been purchasing trees from Paul’s since the beginning and will continue to utilize their quality product. Much like McKay, they are super close to Madison so we can run out to grab trees whenever we need them and don’t have to keep any on-site.

 We offer a spring plant sale each year on our website. Pricing is usually discounted 20% because if we can bunch up the orders, the stock pick-up, and the plantings, we can plant trees for less and pass the efficiencies to our customers. Plant more trees for less than less trees for more. The plant sale also works well because the trees are fresh dug from the nursery which helps minimize the shock of losing a good portion of their root system.   Check out our store to see what we are offering.  Sales only available to Dane County residents.

Nick Wilkes

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